investing in ory and cloud native identity

As a venture investor there are rare occasions when you get to be the first check into a company that is truly special.

While we are still in the early innings, what Aeneas, Thomas and the team at Ory are committed to is to building something important and doing so with a sharp eye for excellence. We believe that excellence is a quality that persists over time, and both Thomas, one of Germany’s early internet stalwarts, and Aeneas, who has received Germany’s highest civilian honor, have exhibited it in spades.

Based in Munich but already boasting a truly global community, Ory is building a zero-trust, cloud-native identity layer for the internet. Built on top of their widely-used open source stack, the Ory Cloud delivers to developers and organizations the ability to implement identity across their software stack without compromising on privacy, extensibility and security. Ory was building hardened open source identity software for many years before commercialization, and has experience merging pull requests and managing a decentralized community of contributors, something we believe grants a fundamental advantage in infrastructure software.

Since we at Balderton first spoke to the team in 2019, their commitment to the ideals of open source, the passion they have for product, and the commitment to becoming global leaders in what they do has been apparent.

You can read more about Ory and what they stand for in their Manifesto.

We are very excited to be working alongside Insight Partners and George Mathew, alongside the Ory team to play a small role in Ory’s future success.