One of our hypotheses at Balderton is that there is inherent value in building bridges that allow people and firms to venture beyond their comfort zone towards transformational new technologies.

While many consumers in emerging markets were still struggling to understand how cryptocurrencies worked and how to access them, Luno built a simple, powerful mobile application that allowed people across a disparate range of markets to buy, store and learn about cryptocurrencies. Today, Luno has reached more than 7M customers.

Now, several years later, many institutions in Europe and beyond are struggling to understand not only cryptocurrencies, but an entire new ecosystem of decentralized finance and the building blocks that power it. Once they have made the decision to enter this new ecosystem, they often struggle to find partners that can provide them with professional, powerful and reliable services that serve their core needs on the frontiers of money and banking.

Chris, Henrik and the entire team at Finoa are focused on being that partner. Even as they collaborate with many of the most promising protocols to come to market, they are establishing partnerships with and providing white glove custodial services to traditional champions like Deutsche Telekom.

While experiencing phenomenal growth, the Finoa team have kept their feet firmly rooted to the ground and have their eyes set clearly on becoming the de facto standard for institutional custody of digital assets in Europe and beyond.

At Balderton, we’ve seen how rapidly financial technology businesses can reshape traditional markets. From Revolut to GoCardless, Zego to Luno, we have been lucky to partner with exceptional companies and now look forward to the journey ahead with Finoa.